Wifissime Marketing 7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Expert

7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Expert

If your site doesn"t seem to appear on the first page results of search engines such as Bing, Google or Yahoo, your potential clients may not have an idea of your existence. It has been proven that search engine visibility is vital in generating traffic to your site and lead to increased sales.

Somehow, others can manage an SEO campaign on their own but what if you don"t have the time and effort to do so? It"s imperative to hire a reputable and experienced SEO consultant in Jacksonville to improve your site"s ranking and strengthen your brand.

Today, we give you seven questions that you should ask before hiring a potential SEO expert.

Do you have references?

A reputable SEO expert should be able to present a list of previous and current clients. This reference can help you understand how much this potential candidate is skillful in carrying out SEO campaigns. The clients should be able to give you an idea of how much growth their business has experienced under the guide of the said consultant.

How will you increase my ranking?

If the SEO consultant hesitates in discussing the methods to be used in the campaign, turn away and never look back. An excellent SEO expert would be able to talk about the strategies in detail and would give you a realistic timeline of when to expect results. Strategies involved can either be on-page, off-page or both. You can even ask if they have PPC services to offer.

Make sure that you also receive a review of your site and what needs to be improved. The potential consultant should be able to explain in detail all the problems on the site such as broken links, structure, tags, design and so on.

Do you adhere to search engine guidelines?

You need to seek for a consultant that abides by webmaster guidelines for search engines. This means that they need to avoid prohibited SEO tricks such using generated and spammy content. If a prospective candidate doesn"t follow those rules, your site would be in a bad light with a low ranking. In worse situations, Google might even ban your site from search results.

Can you guarantee a number-one spot for my site on search engines?

If the consultant says yes, say your goodbyes and never look back. No one can guarantee a number one ranking whether on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Bogus SEO experts would immediately promise such an impossible feat.

Do you have experience in local SEO?

A high rank in local search engine results is crucial for small businesses who want to attract customers in their community. You would want to hire an SEO consultant who can carry out a local SEO campaign.

If you"re able to optimize your site for local results, you would be visible to potential clients nearby who search for keywords related to your business. Getting listed on online directories would also give you a strong presence in the local market.

How will we communicate?

The communication style may differ on various consultants. You need someone that would provide you convenience. Ask your prospect if he or she prefers to talk in person, online or by SMS. Also, you need to ask how often will the candidate give you updates on the campaign.

What are your fees?

It"s important to know how much you"ll be paying and what payment terms are involved. Will you be paying the consultant hourly, by project or by retainer? Project-based payments are the usual, and the amount can vary according to the size of the project.

If you"re interested in hiring Florida SEO services to improve your rankings, remember to ask these questions to engage the perfect one.

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