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Basic Concept Of Marketing

Marketing is critical to any company, regardless of the product or service offered or group size. Thanks to the tools to better understand consumers, companies can adjust their products to the needs of their customers, establishing a bilateral relationship with them and making them feel more connected to the brand. Let ‘s look in more detail what are basics of marketing.

There is no single definition of marketing in matching all business sciences experts. It is that marketing can be understood in many different ways. Globally, marketing is the set of tools that the company has at its disposal and to organize strategically to find out what the demands and needs of consumers to curricular are through their ideas, products or services.

Marketing Mix
The marketing mix is the set of basic tools that the company has to plan an effective marketing strategy. This is the product, price, distribution, and promotion. These tools that have considerable leeway to be modified.

The market is created when there is a set of consumers who have enough to purchase the product that covers it and is willing to do particular economic need, capacity. Thus, the potential market would comprise all those that could meet your need with the product or service offered by the company, provided that they carry out adequate marketing strategies.

Market study
Market research is research conducted to find out what the needs of the population, analyzing different variables such as the buying habits of consumers and the elements that influence them, with the aim of creating new products or modify others already exist for the wants and needs of consumers fit.

Needs and desires
These are two concepts that are regularly repeated in all marketing studies but do not have the exact meaning, so it is important to clarify.

The needs are created as a result of the absence of a basic product or service. They are common to all people regardless of gender, race, age or geographical ubiaciĆ³n. They are physiological or psychological, such as the need to eat or security, innate in humans.

For its part, the wishes expressed willingness to satisfy a need depending on the individual circumstances of each and which may not apply to all people. For example, a person living in Sweden will have a desire to dress differently from others living the US.

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