Wifissime Marketing Recent Effective Trends In SEO

Recent Effective Trends In SEO

Indeed, SEO evolves at a pace that is difficult to follow unless you work on it assiduously and recurrently.

This article would give some tips about search engine positioning. This represents in the line of current SEO trends that will settle more strongly in the next coming year.

Traffic is one of the most empowering factors that exist today. There are few experiments about SEO to determine the relationship between web and traffic positions.

If you will launch a website in 2017 the best you can do is gain visitors since day one. Luckily, some marketing options can jumpstart your traffic such as using paid advertisement such as Facebook Ads or pay per click.

Click through rate (CTR) handling

There has been a lot of talk about click-through rate lately. Is good CTR handling that crucial? Will your ranking go down the next day if your CTR is bad? A lot of people has been talking about it but very few offered relevant information or specific details. Various sources show that artificially increasing the CTR can have a short effect over time. However, it is possible that after going up your rate can go down, but does not always have to be that way.

If this CTR makes your rank go up, then this means that aside from traffic, you also need user response to maintain your position.

How does CTR work?

The click-through rate has the user experience on a website in mind. If 50 users clicked on your site, but these 50 immediately left and went to a website below yours, then that is negative CTR. If this trend became significant, then your ranking will go down. This also means that your site"s content is not good, that is why visitors immediately left. This, in turn, is not just bad for ranking but for marketing as well.

On the contrary, if 50 visitors click on your website and those visitors spend some time browsing your site, then that means your site has useful content. This also gives positive points to your CTR and in your ranking in the long run. This just means that providing good content is equally as important as getting visits. This is why I choose SEO company near me because they better understand what users want and thereby suggest better content.

Optimizing website for crawlers

A crawler is nothing but a program such as Googlebot that browse the websites all over the internet. The crawler will visit your website so that the search engine can easily index your website.

SEO experts can help you facilitate the navigation of the Googlebot through your website, and this is achieved through a proper web architecture and navigation of internal links.

Everything about the optimization of crawling is contained within the “SEO on page" in general, and something that will play a significant part in determining the first position in search engine results.

Links that bring traffic and have user clicks

The link building still going strong. It has always been and will always be one of the most important factors in the ranking algorithm Google.

However, it is also one of the most polarizing SEO factors since it can have some work around.

Its strength increasingly lies more in the “trust" that can transmit to the page through the link. You can measure this by taking into account the number of clicks on the link, and the number of users/traffic can drive.

A link from a PBN is “dead" because it will not receive any click. Because that link will be put in a post that is not intended for any user to read. It is simply there to pass link juice, but nothing more. Therefore, you will not receive clicks. This represents the typical artificial link (purchased or PBN) which is opposite to the natural link that is inside a content read by persons having an active interaction with it and sweep over the links.

Web Performance Optimization(WPO)

The WPO, in a nutshell, is the speed optimization of a particular website. It is a factor that is always important from an SEO point of view.

By optimizing the speed of the website, you produce a lower rate of bounce rate or bounce by the user. This improvement in user behavior is what produces a slight improvement also the SEO positioning.

Similarly, if a page is faster, then Googlebot can crawl more pages when it stays on your website, which in turn also favors the SEO positioning.

These are some tips that you should apply SEO from the recent trends.
Anyway, you should know that as everything related to SEO, this is just a small part of what Google probably has prepared us for the future.

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